Wellsys WS7000 Bottleless Water Cooler

Wellsys Bottleless Water Cooler For Wellness


Water for Wellness With Our Best Bottleless Water Cooler!

A Wellsy Bottleless Water Cooler from Chesapeake Cooler Company has many unique features and offers solutions to hassles found in traditional bottle coolers.

  • 9-Stage  Customizable Filtration Including Reverse Osmosis
  • Self-Sanitizing Storage Ensures Bacteria-Free Water
  • Immune detox and nutrient boost
  • Healthful alkaline water
  • No Bottles, No Storage, No Changes, No Spills

 Water when you want it! 

An endless supply of purified drinking water at your fingertips! 

Water the way you want it! 

Hot and cold purified water at the push of a button. Contemporary Styling, the perfect complement to any office or home, but rugged enough for the warehouse.

Get a self-sanitizing filtration water cooler from the Chesapeake Cooler Company today. Our water coolers will provide water that is higher quality than most bottled water, at a cost that is frequently less than what you are paying for the inconvenience of bottled water. 

Wellsys Bottleless Water Cooler