About Us

 Interview on Hampton Roads Business Live

The Chesapeake Cooler Company is your drinking water improvement specialist in Maryland, Northern Virginia, the Hampton Roads Area, the Delmarva Peninsula and Washington, DC.  Our state-of-the-art drinking water purification systems are perfect for your home or business.  We proudly feature Wellsys USA point-of-use bottle-free drinking water coolers with 9-stage purification, and PHSI products.  We use our 20 years of experience in the water improvement industry to insure that you get the drinking water quality you deserve!  We can even tailor our purification to meet specific requirements.  Just as important—our products are great for the environment helping to reduce the production, use and disposal of plastic bottles that are clogging our landfills and waterways.  Call us today for a Healthy, Clean and Green solution for your home or office drinking water!